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Kazakhstan being the most emerging market in
CIS, is the 5th largest producer of oil and gas in the
world. The ongoing developments in oil & Gas
exploration will make the country one of the top oil
producing countries. Oil reserves in Kazakhstan
are estimated at 13 billion tones & also recognized
as one of the richest countries in mineral reserves
with the total of recoverable mineral reserves
being worthy approx. USD 9 trillion.

Located in Almaty (commercial Capital of
Kazakhstan)With almost 10 years of experience in
trading and projects handling in various fields, we
at KTDC have extensive insight into Kazakhstan
business activity.
The options are limitless, as we can provide
solutions to just everything you need in
..... at a cost within your budget.

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Did you Know??

1. Kazakhstan’s gold and foreign currency reserves
have reached US $ 7.421 billion, where the National
Fund’s share was US $ 2,675,600.  Today it exceeds
the country’s foreign debts, so Kazakhstan has
become a net creditor.
2. Kazakhstan was the first former Soviet republic to
gain the status of a country with a market-based
economy: by the European Union in the end of 2000,
and by the United States in March 2002.
4. By 2003, the number of functioning enterprises
with a foreign share had reached 5,300, which is
another proof to the fact that Kazakhstan has an
attractive investment environment.  To compare, the
number of such enterprises in Russia is 1,042, in
Kyrgyzstan – 99, and in Ukraine – 74.
3. Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world
situated  between right in the heart of Eurasia.  The
country benefits from a strategically advantageous
location, which is particularly important considering
the expected economic boom in the Asian region.
5. During the years of independence, a total of about
US $ 21 billion have been invested in the economy of
Kazakhstan.  Regarding the per-capita indicators of
direct foreign investments during the ten years,
Kazakhstan is far ahead of other CIS countries.
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